Iraqi Minister of Oil

Personal Info:

Born in Basra -Iraq in 1/1/1974 , Nationality: Iraqi

Address (in Iraq): Basrah –Zahraa Street – MoO housing complex



Chemical Engineering Dept. 1995- Basrah University


Arabic: Mother language – English: Second language

Previous jobs:

Minister of Oil (2020)

Director General of Basra Oil Company. (2017 – 2020)

Director General of South Gas Company.(2016-2017)

Deputy of Director General of South Gas Company. (2016-2016).

Project and Engineering director in Basra Gas Company (2015-2016).

Green Fields Projects dept. Head in Basra Gas Company (2013-2015).

Planning and Follow-up Dept. Head in South Gas Company (2010 – 2013).

Central planning and coordination Director in South Oil Company / Ministry Of Oil


Shift Engineer in Oil & Gas fields (1998 – 2005).

Other Responsibilities:

Technical member in commercial & technical committee (South Oil Company- OneYear).

Head of Expat committee for Nibras Project (2016-2017).

Member in gas consultant committee / south region 6 years (regular monthly


Basra Gov. Power & investment Advisor (partial time) 10 years

Member in Majnoon Field JMC (2012 – 2013).

Head and member in multi commercial and technical committees for the last 10 years

Studies & Research:

Study in material selection in oil & gas industries – ( CS air cooler damage ) 2000 .

Study in Blow Down & flare system for DS , 2002

Study in Ethiopic process for Acid Gas Recovery system , 2015 .

Studies in Organization improvement for SGC 2010

Implemented Studies in cost optimization and value engineering review for SGC

Plans and studies for national staff development for BGC

Appreciation letters

Appreciation letter from MoO – 2000

Appreciation letter from SOC – 2001

Appreciation letter from SOC – 2003

Appreciation letter from ROC – 2007

Appreciation letter from SGC – 2015

Appreciation letter from BGC – 2015

15 Appreciation letters from HE Minister of Oil (2017 – 2020).